Hello All You Horny People!

Are you DTF? Wanting a hook-up? Searching for casual sex without the complication, commitment or seriousness of a LTR? A quasi friend with bennies?

Well I want to help you have it!

It’s not that people aren’t open to casual sex it’s that they typically suck at it. Not the actual fucking (oh don’t get me wrong some need help in that area too) but the big problem is finding someone who wants to jump your body but not turn into a clingy girlfriend or a possessive boyfriend. Or a nutjob in general.

The other problem with real casual sex is:

Men are too focused on the “ideal” of it and women are too afraid of it.

There needs to be a balance and some understanding of each other when it comes to casual sex especially if you want it. That’s where I come in. Most of this is common sense but you’d be surprised how many people are too stupid to stop and think when the blood starts rushing to their crotch or when they get starry-eyed over possible romance.

Let’s face it sex means different things to different people so figuring out that beforehand goes a long way. So does learning how important sex (casual or otherwise) is to you. What do you want to get from casual sex other than an orgasm? I’m not saying wanting to cum is not enough but I’ve never met one person male or female who was solely after an orgasm. If that was all it was then they would be home jacking off or petting the kitty because you don’t need someone else to orgasm.

Or at least you shouldn’t!

For many people casual sex is absolutely about SEX but it’s also about a connection, contact, sweating, panting, cuddling or anything else that feeds the body and soul.

The key is to find people where you give what they need and get what you need no matter how brief the encounter.

For those that agree with that….I’m about to be your new best friend because the goal of this blog is to help people get comfortable enough to experience Real Casual Sex

O.W. Kitty